Posted by: evesmarketing | August 21, 2012

Lessons learned from my internet business

   My New Adventure

Hello and welcome to my new blogging site.  It has been said…you cannot teach an old dog new tricks.   But that is not true!  As we age it may take us longer to process a new trick, thought, or electronic gadget…. but with practice it can be done.  I envy watching a young child quickly learning how to use all the new electronics while I fumble with my cell phone and computer!  But the world is at our finger tips and I will not give up easily!  With new ideas and tools, we can succeed if we kept trying.  Failure is not trying.   My husband tells the story of an old wise frog and a young frog who had fallen into a pail of milk.   The young frog trying to keep his head above the milk cried out…”We are going to die!”  The wise old frog just said calmly..”keep kicking.”   This went on for several time back and forth…young frog  “We are going to Die”  followed by the old frog…”Keep kicking”.  Guess what happened?  The milk turned to butter and both were able to jump out.  Life is the same…we need to keep kicking and not give into failure.  So this is where my business story begins.

My husband and I, as teenagers during the summer, helped my parents with flea markets.  Guess we all had some gypsies blood in us as we loved it and still do flea markets to this date. During the summer months we set up at outside flea markets.  We also set up once a month at Gordyville USA in doors.  In my later posts, will tell you some stories about our experiences…good, funny, and some are very scary.

To help us with retirement income, my husband and I started to reach out to the new world of the internet and starting an online business in 1999..Gifts and Collectibles Galore and so our internet business started.

My goal for this blog is to re-live some of our errors in starting the internet business and hopefully help you from making the same mistakes. Through this blog, I hope you will follow me through my past experiences and future experiences.  These adventures will also include  growing pains as I opened a store on eBay, and then a new website in 2011 featuring a dog niche  Doggie Dog Coats.  All these new adventurers came with many lessons both good and bad.  As you can see, I am exposing myself as a business woman to either make it or break it.  But I hear the old wise frog telling me to “keep kicking”.

So to sum up this post I will share my old experiences and also take you into my future as I learn new tricks of the trade in the business world. As I try new ideas I hope you will be by my side as I try to resuscitate an old business into a profitable one and to introduce the new Doggie Dog Coats website into the public.  Thanks for your attention.

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