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Searching for a Secret Weapon for my Internet Business

Searching for a Secret Weapon for my Internet Business

Before I talk about my secret weapon, I just want to bring you up to date concerning with my Website “Gifts and Collectibles Galore” which opened in 1999.  We started out with a bang and hit the high point of sales in 2008.  Then there was the thud.   Yes, there was a big THUD!  Suddenly my sales started going downhill. No matter what I seem to do…i.e. put in new keywords, tried to get the webpage to the top of the search engines, and even started new product lines.  But, nothing seemed to help sales. Now I started to spiral saying “I’ll give it one more year”.  However, I kept watching for any information about small businesses on and off the internet.

Is this going to be our Secret Weapon?

 I saw a TV commercial about a book which talked about how to get Income from Auctions.  I ordered the book and read it.  Within a couple of weeks, I received a phone call from a company rep.  He described a program to either help me on setting up an eBay store or how to set up my own web page and make money from it.  Suddenly I was faced with a possibility this program could be the answer to our business dilemma and turning the web site around?   Since I already had an eBay store, my thinking was I could set up a new web site and somehow learn what I needed to do for the Gifts and Collectibles Galore webpage.  I had a webmaster that did our work for the Gifts and Collectibles Galore web page, because I did not know the “how to” or “HTML.”  This program would allow me to learn how to be my own webmaster.  And GUESS WHAT? I joined up paying $2-$3,000 dollars for the program.  The overall program consisted of having six weeks of a weekly one hour coaching with an instructor …after the six weeks…I could have help by calling a staff member, but that just didn’t seem to work out.  This program also offered their e-library consisting of hours of videos on how to set up a website, how to set up an eBay store, Marketing, etc.  I learned many new things about finding a niche, researching that niche, finding profitable keywords, and how to check out my competition for the niche. This took me more than half of my six weeks coaching allotment.  As a result of these hours of work finding the best niche, our new website DoggieDogCoats website was born.  Setting up the Doggie Dog Coats website took the balance of my coaching time.  I was left building my website by using a builder program and only having access to the builder program technical staff when I needed help.  The technical staffs were very helpful and I am sure they recognize my phone number when I would call in. (LOL).  I can just hear them saying…”Oh no there’s Evelyn from Doggie Dog Coats with another problem.”  But they were always very professional and patient with me.  Now, since the development of the webpage took all my time, I was not introduced to marketing except through the many videos. Yes, I learned many things in finding a niche, researching the niche and then developing the website based on the niche.  I knew I was on the right tract but had my reservations.   OH SECRET WEAPON WHERE ART THOU?

At Last, I Have Found my Secret Weapon for my Internet Business

I was listening to an eBay Radio and Town Hall Broadcasts with Griff and Lee.  On their show that day, was a guest speaker Janelle Elms from OSIRockStars.  I could not believe my ears as to what she was saying.  She was describing exactly what I was looking for….  Live coaching, live classes, many classes on different types of businesses, and support.  Since my budget was very tight, and not wanting to be burnt again by promises and few answers, I decided to…sign up for her basic membership.  This way I could get a view on exactly what the OSIRockStars had to offer and see if their membership was all she had described.   What I discovered was so much information that I didn’t know and discovered there was much more available…that   I upgraded to a full membership.  The cost for the membership was pennies compared to what I had already paid out.  I was not only getting live classes, and live coaching, but was part of a professional group of business owners who exchanged view points and information.  And they call themselves …. OSIRockStars

Janelle Elms and OSIRockStars

 Yes, my secret weapon is OSIRockStars.  You ask what OSIRockStars is?  It is a membership into an online success institute for your business.   Here you can find marketing tips, and access to legendary educators.  The classes are held by presenters who are visionaries into marketing and the internet world.  When you sign up you become an individual within their group. And, there are times when the group is there for the little things you normally cannot get in a formal class…i.e. emotional support.   Many of the classes are held by Janelle Elms.  She offers a “live”  webinar class once a week on various business topics including hands on success steps (homework to do for the next class).  In the next class, Janelle goes over every body’s success steps and you get to see and hear what others are doing or if they are having problems.  It is always helpful to receive constructive criticism or positive feedback from others and to hear about new ideas others are doing.    Janelle is always positive and she has a teaching presence which makes it easy to learn.  If you miss a class…not to worry …all are taped and put up on the OSIRockStars webpage so you can replay the class from the video. To top it off, every two weeks, Janelle Elms offers a live class called “Ask Janelle.”   In these classes you can present your questions about your business or homework.   Janelle’s philosophy is…she will not end the class until everyone’s questions have been answered.  How many teachers do you know have that same philosophy?  Though the classes are set up for 2 hours, she sometimes goes over making sure every ones’ questions have been answered. There are around 900 hours of educational information  available from past classes.  In addition, you have access to several OSIRockStars for help in so many different ways. If I sound a little excited…YOU BET! I joined and started attending the live webinar classes in February 2012 and have been watching several of the videos from past classes.  I felt like a child in a candy shop…I could not get enough of the classes and education fast enough. But I have been continuing to watch videos from several topics, and doing the success steps for the “Ask Janelle” classes plus attending the live classes being offered by Janelle Elms.

Guess what?  …

Google Algorithms

 From Janette’s classes I leaned about the Google algorithms and how they have changed over the past several years!  After seeing the several changes Google has gone through with their algorithms over the past several years, I could now see my website’s major problem. That is exactly what’s wrong with our website.  We had not kept up with the Google changes, so the search engines were not finding our webpage plus I had not gotten involved with social media marketing.  How simple!!!  And it did not cost me thousands of dollars for someone to analyze my site and tell me what was wrong…  It just took a membership fee and listening to Janelle on her “webinars”. If you would like to learn more about OSIRockStars and what they have to offer…check them out.

So yes, I now have the answers to resuscitate my Gifts and Collectibles Galore web page and now it is up to me to apply the lessons I am learning from the classes.   In future post, will go through several of the changes I will be doing so you can follow me.

In my next post I would  like to take you on a side trip and let you share some adventures we have had in our flea markets… including a Category 1 tornado experience. Very Scary!!!… I can teach you how to fly like Dorothy and you don’t need Aunty M’s permission…. Thanks again for allowing me to share my post with you.



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