Posted by: evesmarketing | September 6, 2012

Re-starting an old Internet Business

Re-starting an old Internet Business

The Struggle Begins

In my earlier post, I described how Gifts and Collectibles Galore website at was not getting enough sales and how I was going to resuscitate it or let it go.  If you ever had a business, you know what a struggle you go through just to keep your business afloat. Well, I was struggling…but no matter what I tried my business still continued to drown. In order to revive this        business I was going to have to give it “mouth to mouth resuscitation.”

“breathing” keywords into an old business to resuscitate it

My first step… keywords…Profitable keywords were “breathed” into the business. I learned from OSIRockStars what profitable keywords were. Janelle described these words and how important they were. To make it short, it is keywords your customers are using to search for items on the internet. In Janelle’s classes, I learned about keywords and how to make keywords profitable for any website. She also described how to develop a keyword sheet. Janelle stressed the importance of having this keyword sheet while developing titles, meta tags, web contents, and product listings.

My Profitable Keyword Sheet

My Profitable Keyword Sheet

Finally, after several hours of following what I had learned in my OSIRockStars class, a keyword sheet was developed!  I used this keyword sheet to rewrite many of my product listings, titles, meta tags, and other areas in my website contents.  Now…that I had finished with Gifts and Collectible Galore  website at, I wanted to see if this keyword sheet would help my Gifts and Collectible Galore eBay store.  So, all during the month of March and April, I re-wrote all of my eBay store listings using my new keyword sheet.  I was tired, besieged with doubt, yet, still anxious to see if this would help my two stores.  After comparing my results for the eBay store in August…wow..was I surprised…my traffic had tripled!! (I discovered why OSIRockStars really do rock!!)  And this was just the beginning.  Because I am having problems getting the stats on my Gifts and Collectibles Galore   ( website, I really cannot say anything about improvements after using my keyword sheet.

Have you discovered how powerful keywords are and how they have helped your webpage?  Would like to hear from you.  Thanks.


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