Posted by: evesmarketing | September 12, 2012

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing – Lessons Learned

As I worked on the different aspects of rebuilding my two Gifts & Collectible Galore Businesses, I realized I had to start marketing the old websites and my new web site Doggie Dog Coats. This realization made the hair on the back of my neck stand up, because I had to juggle two things at the same time while making them different…(like opening a pea pod and finding half peas and half corn.)  Whatever I did it had to match the Gifts and Collectibles Galore website, eBay store, and at the same time fit into the new web site Doggie Dog Coats…that is where social media marketing is a must.

Social media marketing!!!   Did someone say something about going on Facebook, doing blogging, twitter, etc.  Oh my… what in the world is this all about? Enter the god of fate… I had a sales man call me wanting to do social marketing for one of my web sites.  In talking to me, he showed me about nine different pictures and asked if I could identify any of them!!

Social Media Buttons

You have to be kidding!  He thought I was going to be able to identify all the buttons thus proving how success these buttons are and how easily they are identified in regards to social marketing.   Boy was he in for a shock.  I could identity only one and that was Facebook.    That’s when I knew my websites were in deep trouble.  I realized I was behind times, more like   in the dark ages!!  I know I’m not a spring chicken… but I’m also not ready for the rocking chair!! My age group (NOT ALL) may not be up to par on all this social media business. But we are hard workers and we can learn. So I started in.  First I had to learn how to market three businesses using the social medias.  Secondly, this meant using them correctly for each business and just not for pleasure.  There is a BIG difference.  So, knowing the only way to help each business with social marketing meant, I was going to have to jump in feet first and learn from scratch….I’ll make mistakes but I will learn.

Many of you maybe very active with Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. because you…The younger generation have been brought up on all this new technology i.e. texting, and other mobile technologies!!  Whoa!!  Back up…remember this new social marketing experience is being learned by a grandmother…oh actually a great-grandmother.  Pictures this…me coming out of the dark ages and walking into uptown New York with all the tall sky scrapers, noises, and people bumping into one another.  Hope you have the picture now.  For me it is like going into the city for the first time and being over whelmed.  But, thanks to Janelle, andOSIRockStars,  going step by step, she made a monstrous task, so simple.  Don’t get me wrong, there were still hard lessons to learn about setting up my profile page properly, and how to set up my fan/business pages.  And, next came the biggie…how to POST properly on each of the fan/business pages and profile page.  Even after being in her live classes, I have went back through her videos and each time I have learn something new.  (And they say you cannot teach an old dog new tricks!!!)  Well…you are watching history being made!!  Just look at my accomplishments!!!!

My new profile page was set up around the end of March followed by my DoggieDogCoats Facebook fan page in April, and last, Gifts and Collectibles Galore Facebook fan/Business page in July.  While starting these, I realized it will take time to build up my Facebook friends, so I know I must have patience. It’s not going to happen overnight, but in time, it will help my three web sites.  This is just ONE of many marketing concepts I HAD to learn in order to start marketing all the web sites.

My profile and two fan/business pages are up and running now.  I am still learning to improve on the consistency and quality of my posting.  There are always lessons for an “old dog” to learn. Have you any experiences learning about the social media marketing?…Are there any grandmothers out there still learning about Facebook?  If so I would like to hear about your experiences. .


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