Posted by: evesmarketing | September 16, 2012

More on Social Media Marketing – My Business Blog

More social Media Marketing – My business blog

  I kept hearing other business owners talking about their blogs and how they were connecting their blogs with Facebook and twitter.  I basically knew what they were talking about but did not know how to do it.  Now, I am not ready for twitter, or another other social networks…at least not today.  You heard the story of the hare and the tortoise? 


Well this grandmother is taking it a slow but at a steady pace and hopefully will win the race of marketing my Gifts and Collectibles website, my Gifts and Collectibles eBay store and my Doggie Dog Coats pet boutique online store.  Bare with me and if you want…please give me some positive reinforcements along the way.  LOL


As you can see, I have started my blog…in fact you are reading it now.  My goal is to take you with me as I learn new things to help my businesses to become more profitable.  The name of my blog is giftsandcollectiblesgalore  My Internet Business, its challenges, lessons learned.  In developing this blog, I did learn: what tags were…the importance of categories, links, and consistency in posting. Again, many of the lessons learned came from my OSIRockStars Classes.  It sounds easy, just to say… I leaned about the tags, categories, links, etc…But to look behind the scenes and see how this all comes together, has helped me learn many important lessons.  Now, you younger ones!!!…, you can probably hear it once and go right to it and do it.  However…As you get older…it takes longer to process things.  Seems our brain cells are not firing as fast as you youngsters… UGH!   So I not only have listen to the tapes but I also have to take notes and go back over them. Now I know why my grandmother use to take Geritol! .. Kept her spry as a kitten. But not sure if it really worked or did she just have good DNA.


Image                              Image

So…in re-capping…now we have the Facebook profile page, Doggie Dog Coats Facebook page, and Gifts  Collectibles Facebook page and now my Blog started.  Now, next step will be working on gaining Facebook friends, and my getting interaction on my Business blog.  So, next goal will be to go back to the websites as they need to inter face with my Facebook pages and my Blog.  See you in the next Blog. Thanks for letting me share. Lets here from you.


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