Posted by: evesmarketing | September 27, 2012

Profitable Keywords

 Gifts and Collectibles Galore’s Profitable Keywords

Been busy submitting new items for sale in my eBay Gifts and Collectibles Galore store.  In addition, doing updates on profitable keywords which help the search engines find my keywords in my categories describing my products.  I completed the main categories for my store and thought I was finished.   Thanks to my OSIRockStar classes opening my eyes to the use of keywords, I realized had been creating keywords only for the main categories and not the secondary categories. I was not even aware of the need for profitable  keywords for the secondary categories.  Boy was this a shock!  I did not realize that after completing the keywords for the main categories and the secondary categories I NOW had to create keywords for a third level of categories/choices.   We are talking about updating profitable keywords for close to 400 categories.  Sound easy!? Each category needs to have seven different profitable keywords or keyword phases. Now, also keep in mind you cannot use one or more keywords at any one time. Otherwise, this would be known as keyword spamming which eBay does not allow.

Sample of three levels of Categories

Example of three levels of categories

I have captured a short section of my category list where you can view a sample of three levels under my category of “Collectibles.” You can also see my categories by going to my eBay store and then looking at my categories list on the left side of the page. If you click on one of the main categories, you will see a secondary list of items drop down; then when you click on one of the items that shows there are more than one item in that category, you will see a new drop down offering more choices of items in that category.

When you count up the main categories, the secondary categories, and then the third level categories…yep… that is a lot of profitable keywords to create. Since I have not been able to set for hours on end and do just this one task…(my brain get rattled after 2 hours)..I have been splitting up the work by taking 1-3 main categories a day and, working on their secondary and third level categories too. It’s like moving a mountain with a table spoon.  But, I know this will help to increase the traffic to my eBay Gifts and Collectibles Galore store and increase my sales also.  Do you have an eBay store?


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