Posted by: evesmarketing | October 4, 2012

Gifts & Collectibles Galore on the road

Gifts and Collectible Galore on the Road again

The last weekend in September found Gifts and Collectibles Galore at Clinton, IL enjoying the town wide Apple and Pork Festival.  It was a beautiful weekend!  During the day we had low 70’s temperatures, clear blue skies and lots of warm sunlight…not hot…not cool…just right!  The night had a nice fall cool breeze evening wind with a full Harvest moon shining….FANTASTIC!

Apple and Pork the beginning

We arrived at Clinton and went to our setup spot at the Country Junction area.  Immediately, we went to work setting up the tents for the weekend.  Thank God we had our friends, Sharon and Mike to help.  The first step is always to get the equipment out and organized i.e. poles long and short in piles, canvasses, bungees, ropes, tie downs, also must be organized.  And don’t forget the step ladder.

Next, once everything is laid out, the poles are put together to form the frame for the roof and peaks of two tents. Once the poles are in place, the roof canvas is stretched across the poles and secured on all sides with bungees.

Stretching roof canvas over framework

This is where my fingernails break, my fingers get very sore, and I begin to wonder why I am doing this!  After the roof is completed, the peaks must be attached to form the ends of the tents. Now the sides must be added and secured to the framework.  Once these are in place the leg poles are added and BINGO we have our Gifts and Collectibles Galore temporary show room.  OH YEAH!…almost forgot all of this has to be anchored down with ropes and stakes to keep the wind from blowing away the showroom.

On Friday, we set up the tables and then the merchandise.  It takes all day to get the tables just the way you want them to be in order to properly present your items to your customers.   You never know what collectibles or gift items customers are looking for or wanting to buy.  So, we usually put out a variety of merchandise.  Now remember, every flea market is different.

Gifts & Collectibles Galore Showroom

Then came the big weekend! Many people were shopping and enjoying the weather. Some were meeting up with old friends they had not seen in a long time.  Others were just enjoying the day and making new friends.    Each night, we had to secure the tent sides with bungees to protect the merchandise from the weather and unwanted guest. i.e. deer, and other two “legged” animals.  On Sunday, the last day of the festival…we were back again selling our gift items and collectibles. Sunday afternoon the Festival was over. And now the REAL WORK began again!  We not only had to pack up the unsold items, but we had to take down the tent and organize it in such a manner as to get ready for our next flea market which is the first weekend of October. The festival and flea market is called The Antique Auto Hill climb in Newport, Indiana which we have been going to for many, many years.)  Will let you know what happens next.


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