Posted by: evesmarketing | October 26, 2012

Gifts & Collectibles Galore – On the Road again

Gifts & Collectibles Galore – Last Outside Flea Market for the Year!

This last year outside Flea Market was a Lu, Lu!  We arrived at Newport, Ind on Thursday afternoon with RV, van, and dogs. We could not start setting up our tents and merchandise until Friday noon, so had time to kill and walked around.  Flea market for the public to not start until  6PM on Friday evening.

Today is windy but warm during the day.  Rain moving in and temperatures are suppose to drop during the night .  Streets are empty, but Friday streets around several blocks will have vendors on each side of the streets with thousands of people walking around.

Getting ready for Flea Market

Getting ready for Flea Market

As predicted, it rained and rained and got colder and colder too during the night. Friday noon we started setting up the tents. Man, trying to put the tent’s pole frame together was difficult to say the least…hands got soooo numb we

Storm clouds and rain

Storm clouds and rain

could not hold on to the poles! And if this wasn’t enough misery… we had to put up with the wet heavy sweatshirts too! Oh yes, we had rain ponchos to protect us from the rain…but we had nothing to protect us from the ponchos! I swear mine may have said “Universal Studios” on its back… and that was the problem ! Why you ask?  Because I know this poncho was used in the MOVIE called “THE GREAT FLOOD.”  Now don’t laugh… every drop of rain was funneled down my back and into or onto my pants and  all areas of my lower body which naturally got chaffed due to the bending and stretching  as we framed the tent.

People were walking around with umbrellas, but very few vendors were set up due to rain and wind.  Poor Carrol  {my wonderful wife} had it just as bad as I did, yet she did not complain at all…just kept on going until we had the FIRST tent covered and raised up…Now on to the second tent…Only this time the rain started to abate a little. It came in waves with a light misting in between waves. This allowed us to put up tent #2 faster and not get so wet and cold! When all the tents sides were finally put up…we called it a night…went inside our RV…had hot soup and went to bed. Sounds GREAT RIGHT?

3 am wake up3 am wake up alarm

What about the display tables and merchandise?  We got up at 3:00 AM and set up everything before the 8AM deadline>>> Only crazy people would do this right?<<< Wrong!! Flea- Marketeers… always rise to the challenge…say they’ll never do it again…and yet they are always there next time!   Wearing several layers of clothing, went to work setting up tables and getting the merchandise out.  The day turned out to be a huge success and we were very busy selling.  We climb into bed Saturday night exhausted listening to the Hill Climb’s annual fireworks display.  Sunday was cool but rain stayed away.  It seemed a little warmer or maybe we just didn’t notice due to all the layering of clothes.  We were busy again.  Then came Sunday night which meant packing up the merchandise. I can never figure out even after being busy selling lots of merchandise, how we seem to always go back home with the same amount of merchandise we came with. Packing up took well into the evening hours of darkness, but we did have lights hanging in our tents.   Monday morning was taking down the lights and packing up the tents.  Went much easier since we did not have to deal with the rain.

It was a great weekend overall, but very tiring.  We ask ourselves, are we going to do this again next year?  It seems we always do. Well..ARE THERE ANY OTHER FLEA-MARKETEERS out there?  If so let us hear from you!

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