Posted by: evesmarketing | October 29, 2012

New Idea for Personal Gift Giving

A New Idea for Personal Gifts

While we (Gifts and Collectibles Galore) were at the Newport, Ind. Hill Climb this Oct. 5-7, we noticed and had a lot of our customers asking for hand made or gifts of a more personnel or crafted nature.  And guess what… WE DO INDEED HAVE THE BEST GIFT… It is a set of four glass coasters which can be fitted with a 2” X 3” photo of your choice.Image One guy said it is a perfect gift for his mother-in-law who hates him!  Under my breathe I said to myself…I would like to send a set to his mother-in-law so she could send her photos to him!!  These are just a few of the characters we meet on the road…love everyone of them too.

By far the funniest character we have had to date was a guy who bought two of our model die cast cars. One die cast 1:24 scale car was a Mercedes Benz and the second one was a Lamborghini. Now, he took these cars home …placed them side by side in his drive way…then photographed them. When he went back to work in his office Monday morning…he faced the same questions he had been asked for years…”what did you do over the weekend”? He told me that he had been asked this same old question over and over again for years…every Monday morning… until it had finely got to him. So he decided to strike back…When all 5 office people were there and that same old question was asked…He was ready with his surprise answer which was…” I went out and bought my wife a Mercedes Benz and myself a Lamborghini”.Image He told me the look on his fellow-employees faces were PRICELESS! The came the scoffing and snide remarks he had expected…So he told them to put up or shut up! Plus he had proof that he had bought those two cars. Sure enough, the loudest, more aggressive guy put  a $10 bill down … after all the bets were made…The Boss came in and asked what was going on? Again, the same story was told…But this time our car buying friend winked at the boss… who told the other employees if they did not pay they would be looking for new employment!! OUT CAME THE PHOTO and again the look on every ones face was priceless!!! The reaction was immediate … foul they cried…they had been tricked…the bet was off. The boss settled everything by showing that no false hoods had been told… the cars were what they were…a single Mercedes Benz and a single Lamborghini!! Our guy collected his money and went happily back to work. Guess what? He hasn’t heard those same old questions to date… Well , I have got to go… Princess, our Boston Terrier is clawing at my side…it is her way of telling us she needs get outside…She has to go too!..   John (Gifts and Collectibles Galore).


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