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Medieval Dragons

Medieval Dragons- Good or Bad?

I just watched a dragon show on TV… the dragon was talking…sounding a lot like Shawn Connery…As this dragon talked to his friendly knight, I couldn’t help but think about the wisdom and history he was imparting to this Knight.

Dragon blowing smoke

You know most of us grew up being told about BAD dragons…They eat bad and misbehaved kids…They set fire to villages…And they just love to eat little girls!  Wow, did good old Hollywood do a number on dragons!

Blue Dragon

HOWEVER, there are a lot of people who see dragons as being  symbols of power and strength… the bringer of good luck…even being  massages from  Deities.  So Yep!

I went to our website and started looking at our dragons and Gothic collections, just to see what artistic freedoms had been given to those collections! Man oh man, talk about power… about strength… and about beauty…I really was amazed at how stunning these dragons are.

Fire Dragon Statue

You can really see how myths and legends came about.  I guess, before TV and Radio, people sat around a comfortable, warming fire and told stories about natural events they had witnessed or were told about.  Suddenly, some story teller talked about an animal called a DRAGON… thus was born the myths and legends of dragons. The geysers which spewed steaming hot water out of the earth were really dragons breathing…Here’s a hot  legend… dragons lay their eggs in volcanoes or deep caves because they have to keep the eggs very warm…FRIED EGGS anyone?…Oh well … If LOCH NESS… has its dragon, I guess we can have one too!

No Evil Dragons

No matter what kind of dragons you’re looking for… at Gifts and collectibles galore… from myths and legends… from dragons and skulls …from Gothic to modern…We have them all… Good luck hunting your favorite dragon!







Jeweled Mosaic Dragon




Tip for dragon hunters… Remember, just like in bass  fishing…the artificial plugs catch the big ones best …








So, I suggest you bait your dragon traps with life like dolls…This way moms will breath easier…and little girls won’t have nightmares…UNLESS THEIR BAD of course!…

Orange Dragon

Until next time – sure to visit our Gifts and Collectibles Galore Facebook page.



  1. cant find where on this site to enquire about bying a dragon statue???

    • Hi Mark, most of the dragons have been sold. Still have the Jade dragon. Will be listing more within the week. Check back with us at: Jade dragon
      Thanks for the inquiry.

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