Posted by: evesmarketing | November 21, 2012

Holidays, Family Gatherings, & Memories

November and  December are great family get together months. It’s the sights, the smells and actions which start our memories flooding into our consciousness.

Family Praying and giving Thanks

We take down or pull out a special plate…a serving bowl…or we start buying foods for the family and friends to eat. As we prepare the meal we can see or hear a beloved love one… who has went home…standing or talking to us as in the days past! Suddenly a warming glow fills our hearts and we do feel thankful for our home and hearth.

Large Turkey on Platter

In our house I take down… actually it’s more like dig out… the huge turkey platter… wash and dry it… And suddenly I find myself smiling as I remember a small little kid who kept asking why is that plate so big. I break out in a full grin as remember when little John saw his first big turkey put on that platter!

Slice of pumpkin pie to share

Yes, it is the season to count your blessings…To remember loved ones or people dear to us and do not forget this…Its also the season to make new memories!!

Little dog giving thanks to his BIG bone

If you are just getting started in your own place and don’t have a lot of extra cash… Then may I suggest you start by purchasing some special dish or dishes to set off your holiday’s fare. At Gifts and Collectibles Galore in our E-Bay Store we have many dishes, platters, and more to help make your holidays fill with memories of your own hearth and home…We can even save you $$$.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours…Again don’t forget our troops and their families… John

Don’t forget to Support our troops


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