Posted by: evesmarketing | December 7, 2012

A Secret List for the Hard to buy

Now that thanksgiving has passed, many of us turn full speed into finishing up our Christmas shopping or just keep looking around for “store able gifts”

open chest

open chest for storing gifts

usually called quick gifts kept on hand when I need one fast! We all have done it or are doing it. question mark faceSome of us are STILL trying to find that or any gift for a “person who has everything”…if you are this person and are about ready to crawl into one of the stockings hanging by the mantle…hoping Santa will take you back to the North Pole…Do not panic… Don’t wish for a magic wand either… we can help you find that gift… just go to Gifts & Collectibles Galore.   Then pour yourself a nice hot cup of cocoa…and relax in your favorite place as your fingers do your shopping from home!

You know I remember an uncle who was according to my aunt “the most impossible person to buy a gift for”! Funny thing was uncle always got just what he was hoping for. So once finding myself in this Panic situation, I asked my aunt what I could get him for a Christmas present. She smiled at me and then gave me a wink.     receipesNext, she went over to her receipt box and took out a little spiral note book…Handed to me and said do not tell anyone else about this book…HER WISH book. Here is a brief explanation for making this book…You see she said, every time Uncle would tell her he wished he had this or one of those …My aunt would write it down in her little book, and when she was uptown she would look for the wish list item and note the cost of it.

I told her how in a way she was making uncle’s wishes come true. She quickly replied…NOT ALL OF HIS WISHES! Then she explained…It seemed that uncle was putting in my aunt’s long promised kitchen cabinets and having a very hard time of it because a certain person was doing too much supervising!! Suddenly, uncle said …”I wish I had Hedy Lamar here because I bet she would not hound me”! My aunt told me she did not only forget to write this wish down…But fired back at uncle saying..,” I would not know if she would or would not…BECAUSE I WOULD BE GOING OUT with Tyrone Powers”!  She also told me one of uncle’s work shop friends later had asked her if uncle was feeling sick or was something was wrong with him. When my aunt asked why he had asked… the friend told her that uncle had not been telling everyone about his wishes… and he was not using his I wish I had this or wish I had one of those. With a tinkle in her eyes my aunt told the friend … she had noticed that uncle had not been wishing for some gal to replace her either! I once had asked my uncle about this incident and he just looked at me and with a sheepish grin told me to be careful about making wishes out loud!!

man with new tie

Man with new tie

Have  you thought of creating a wish book so when your family members “wishes” for a certain item through out the year…you could just write “the wish” down and save it?  BINGO…  You now have the perfect gift ideas for them at Christmas or for their Birthday.  Just watch them light up as they open their gift and say…How did you know I wanted this?   Well, this will be our little secret!!! know…this note book full of  “I Wish” … really does work.

teddy bear coming out of box

Teddy bear coming out of box


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