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Murano Decorative Art – The History

When mankind first discovered glass they thought it was a “gift from the gods”! The first pieces of glass were believed to have come from Caravan campfires

desert fire

Desert Fire

in the sandy deserts. We think traders then carried these” godly” pieces to market places along the trade routes where craftsmen and artisans saw these “wondrous godly” gifts. Soon, the search was on to find how to make glass. When this happened, we begin to see small centers of glass production spring up in different countries and each center developing its own distinctive style of glass products. It is generally accepted that the best glass works/styles are known as

Venetian Glass which originated in Venice around the ninth century when we see large numbers of glass works within the city.

glass blowing art

Glass blowing art

Ironically, city fathers feared that with all the kilns and fire pits around… the city could go up in flames since most buildings were made of wood! So, in order to ease this fear, the Venetian Republic ordered the glassblowers and glass factories to a small island called Murano! The irony is, by the tenth century the 3000 plus inhabitants of this island became some of the most respected and revered citizens in all of Venice! These inhabitants were even granted special privileges and favors by the Republic! By the fourteenth century, Murano glassblowers were wooed by other countries and powers due to their abilities to produce Venetian Glass.

On Murano, many glass-making technologies and techniques were developed and many of these are still in use today by glassblowers. The making of Murano Glass is a complicated and a sophisticated lamp-working process. This technique means each piece is actually an original hand-made work of art… truly a “one of a kind! Some Muranos’ are functional pieces made to use in daily life, while other pieces are decorative … beautiful to behold… but all pieces are exquisite!  Why is this so?

murano bud vase

Murano Bud Vase

By using the finest raw materials and combining them with master craftsmanship Murano Glass products are unequaled in purity, in vibrant colors and in elegance.

murano mouth of vase colors

Murano Mouth of Vase

This is why Murano Glass pieces are so avidly sought after by collectors. As you look at this Murano Bud Vase you can see the elegance and the beauty in its simplicity… its green color has a softness to it which seems to look like gently flowing green water!

murano vase bottom

Murano decorative Vase bottom

The vase’s paper weight-like base, although made of clear glass and having weight to it, has small rings of tear-like bubbles which seemingly are dancing around the trumpet-like vase’s green stem! All of this beauty is accomplished in JUST EIGHT INCHES OF VERTICALNESS!!

The only regret we have is…WE HAVE JUST this one piece… We hope to find more of his work as his work is awesome! …John



  1. I have this vase!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 Its the same!!! :O

    • Enjoy your vase, Murano’s work is beautiful. Thanks for the reply.

    • That’s great!!1 Now you have a collectible with lasting memories of the company and how the vase got it’s name. Thanks for sharing…Eve

  2. I have one too. Also a larger vase and some type of decanter. I found at an estate sale.

    • That is great! His art especially in the vases is beautiful!

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