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February and Valentine’s Day…How did this day get started?

… February is here!

Yes, it is true February has arrived at last and our almost frozen January hearts are starting to thaw out and beginning to beat faster due to that one day in which we tell our loved ones… I love you!  That one very special day is the fourteenth of February…Valentine’s Day.

happy valentine

Happy Valentine Day

Have you ever wondered where this day came and why we celebrate it? I did a little checking around and found  our present Valentine’s Day may have come from a mixture of Pagan spring ritual and the early Christian church’s attempt to appease people who celebrated an agriculture/ fertility festival called Lupercalia and people who wanted to celebrate the martyred death of St. Valentine. After reading and researching this day’s beginning, I have decided to add my two cents!

So, here it is!!I think that at some time in the long ago  a husband stayed out too late or was coming back from a meade bash… on his way home he began to realize what was waiting for him when his wife saw him!      He knew his goose was really cooked! As he plodded along the path leading to his home, he saw pathsome flowers in a large flower patch.    Suddenly, he remembered he had seen his wife pick some of these flowers and put them in a old meade mug.   He also remembered her saying how flowers made everything so bright and beautiful!    Now, I don’t know if our cooked goose hubby got off or fell off his horse.    All I can say is he picked a very large armful of those flowers and managed to got back on his horse and started for home again!   As he neared his home I’m sure he saw the candles burning brightly… meaning she was up and waiting for him! Too late to turn around our soon to be cooked goose hubby opens the door … his armful of flowers leading the way!    He hears his wife’s    sudden gasp of air!    The next thing he sees is her tear filled eyes telling him how mad she was because he was late… but now she understood why he was late… he had stopped and picked flowers for her!    Man with Bouquet  Suddenly our cooked goose hubby realized he had become the beloved roster in the hen house!    And as every sensible male whom has had experience in dealing with women knows… let them think what they will… So our LUCKY hubby kept his mouth shut and thanked St. Valentine for his good fortune. Every time he went by the flower patch he would thank St. Valentine and would pick more flowers for his wife.    As word spread about those flower gifts more and more hubbies got out of their dog houses vie the flower route.    And when those flowers went out of season other things were given i. e. dishes, sweets, clothes and so forth.   Oh by the way…I’m sure we celebrate Valentine’s Day when we do is… that’s when the flowers are in bloom… Well I’ve added my two cents on Valentine’s Day origins!    Now let my add another penny’s worth… a visit to our on-line store might help you say I LOVE YOU to your special hearts throb… and remember if you can’t afford anything… hugs and kisses are even better and they are free!  … JohnRomantic Valentine Seniors

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