Posted by: evesmarketing | February 21, 2013

Real or FAKE? Is this question you should be asking when buying?

…Real or FAKE?

To coin a well known phrase…To be real or not to be…that is the question. All too often, in today’s market place, we find ourselves asking the same question over and over… is this item real or fake?   stick man question mark

Here are a few tips to help you in the field…BUT REMEMBER research and close-up examination are your best allies in this situation. If you did not know this little fact…be now enlightened…there are data bases for just about everything you want to find or know about! The only problem is…you have to find them by taking time to research every possible search engine you can find. HERE IS A BIG TIP.

note bookGet your self a big thick spiral notebook and some paper tabs…next, get yourself a big bowl of healthy snack foods and go into your computer area with the mind set of finding out info on your object of interest. When you find a search engine with your info be sure to list it in your spiral notebook. Also, put a tab on the page as to subject researched…Over a period of time you will find yourself scanning these tabs for fast info sites! Now that you are ready and set up for research, you have to get ready for the field sites…Again, get a pocket size spiral notebook and a good magnifying glass.  woman notebook and magnifying glass

Here’s why you need these two items. As you see items you’re looking for or are interested in…put the prices being asked in your pocket s.n.b.  This way you will have an idea as to what the general asking price of the market place is! Also, this info will aid you when you sell that item or if an item you find is priced about right. NOW AS TO THAT MAGNIFYING GLASS… When you find the item you’re looking for use the glass to check it over! I do mean LOOK it over…for trade marks, for logos, for bench marks and for details which look suspicious. Look at these past experiences we have encountered at Gifts and collectibles as we have traveled to different flea markets: a WWI mess kit…a great price and a great find!      woman manifying glass

Carefully, looking it over I noticed that the handles were pop riveted on…BIG OOOOP’s because pop rivets came along in WWII due to the aircraft industries!; a beautiful jewelry box had the original stones removed and fake glass stones put in by super gluing them in…THE TELL TAIL Bleeding of the glue (looks like hair spray on a mirror) gave the trick away. As you can see there are those who seek the fast bucks…  I’ll close by re-coining an old phrase …To be my bucks or not to be…That is the real question! …John

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