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My house is on fire continued….

My House is on Fire….continued

back of house on fire

Back of house on fire


Here is a brief recap of Part 1… It picks up after the blazing fire was finally put down.

We began to realize that the whole two story home would be a total loss… after 3 to 4 hours of battling the fire, the blowing winds and the icy cold rain, the dancing flames were put down and all that remained was a blackened shell… the weird thing was…

shell looking at front of house

Shell looking at front of house

the front of the house facing the street and winds belied what was behind that shell… every room of the house was completely damaged or gutted! Everything was either burnt up or smoke/ water damaged. We felt so lost and scared… but thankful because no one was lost! The only injury was to Austin (our grandson) who was taken by ambulance to the hospital for smoke inhalation due to his heroic act of trying to fight the fire on his own. We were scared for him and worried about what to do next.

This section of the blog…PART 2… is from Carrol… it expresses a woman’s view of the Fire.

Watching the flames go from room to room, I felt helpless and kept thinking…what can I do?  When I look back, I remember hooking up our hose and hearing my husband yell…the fire is too big you cannot put the fire out with our hose.  But…that was not my plan!  I wanted to spray our house to try and protect it from the flames.  The fire department arrived and everyone was quickly going to work on both sides of the burning house and would also spray the side of our house exposed to the fire.  As I had never been through a fire before, I quickly went back to our home (next door) and called our insurance company McMurray’s in Hoopeston, IL…and explained our rental property was burning and had been told by the fire department, the house was going to be a total lost. Thank God for these wonderful people. She first asked if anyone was hurt, then reassured me we had MetLife insurance and we were in good hands.  She said she would get the ball rolling and would contact the MetLife insurance adjustor who would get back to us within 24 hours.

house next door out

looking through our kitchen window at house next door after fire was put out

As I was talking to her, I was standing at the sink which has a window facing the fire…  I could not believe my eyes… I could see the flames of the rental house just blazing a few feet from our house… our home!  It is nothing you want to remember, I still cannot get this picture out of my head.  You see the house ablaze… burning… just a few feet away and there’s nothing you can do but stand there and watch…feeling total helplessness!  Then the  fear of it spreading to your own house fills your body and you shutter, then start shaking… frozen in front of that window… praying to God for His protection!  It seemed like just a few minutes, we received a call from the MetLife’s insurance adjustor Kevin Kemper A.K.A. our angel….saying he was in Chicago and would be over in the morning and wanted to know if anyone had been injured. I told him about our grandson being taken to the hospital, but as of this time we had not heard back from his mother who had followed the ambulance to the hospital. (the picture to the left is after the fire was out but shows how close the fire was to our house)

I then went back outside in the event the firemen had any questions. I stood beside our home’s front porch… feeling the wind blowing around 20 miles per hour and gusting even harder! The cold rain… first, a light rain… next, a down pour… was peltering the firemen as they fought the flames!  I found myself frozen in time hoping this was just a dream and I would be waking up anytime.

Around 7:00 pm it seemed all was under control… the fire was out! All Fire departments had gone, but I was also told, someone would be watching the house for flare ups. We went home next door… trying to get settle down, eat something and then would try to  go to sleep. Our daughter had call around 9:00 pm to tell us our grandson was treated for smoke inhalation and was being released.  She was going to pick up a few items at the drug store and his prescription and then would be home. We took our homeless daughter and grandson into our home… all they had was the clothes on their backs… no coats… NO MONEY… not even a change of under wear… no where to go!  Since our couch makes into a bed, at least they were going to have a place to sleep for an undetermined time. Slowly, things were coming together and our family was safe and together. Now… Back to the story with John!

Carrol could not let herself get to sleep because of her concern that the house might once again catch fire and spread to our home. Her fear was we would be sleeping and would die in the rekindled fire! The winds were blowing in swirling gusts… causing our house to shake! Carrol came up to me… put her head on my shoulder and asked what I was doing. I told her I was looking out our kitchen window to see if the rental house was starting to catch fire again… so far all I saw was just some smoke and steam rising up, but no flames so far! As we were talking about the events of this day we both realized we were in shock. You hear stories about fires, but you never dream of them happening to you. As we were talking, Carrol looked over at the gutted house next door and suddenly she could see sparks and a small flame… the house next door had flared up and was once again on fire! So once again, the fire department was called… it was after 10:00 p.m. This time they went in and pulled down ceilings… opened piles of debris and anything which might feed a fire… They spent a long time at this flare up! Carrol was finely able to fall asleep because she felt safe due to the fire engine’s lights dancing on the bed room walls knowing the fire fighters were protecting us.   Tomorrow will be another day facing us with this catastrophic event …or are we just both dreaming the same dream???

Blog Tomorrow – The Next Day!!!

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