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Our House is on Fire cont. Clean-up…out with the old…in with the new…MAYBE!

 Clean-up… out with the old and in with the new… MAYBE!


hiring an excavator

Sure sounds easy doesn’t it?… out with the old and in with the new… Please believe us when we tell you it is not easy at all!   We asked around and got VERY LUCKY because we found Kistler’s Excavation Company which had done removal work on other local fire sites.   Plus… several people from our area had recommended him to us due to his quality work at very reasonable prices.   So, we set up a time to meet with Mr. Kistler and to view the house site.   After this meeting we asked him if he would be willing to tear down, haul away the debris and clean up the lot.   We also asked Mr. Kistler to submit an estimate for this work.   His submitted estimate was very reasonable for removing the debris of a two story house.   Then he dropped a bomb shell on us… He could not begin the work until we contacted Julie and Ameren who would mark all the gas, water, and any other lines which might be buried on the lot.  As you can see…we are new to all of this and appreciate his help!

meeting with ameran

meeting with Ameren

So…we contacted Ameren to make arrangements. Ameren told us two people would come out and see what was needed to be done   They explained what needed to get done before the clean up work could begin! Ameren agreed to cut the gas line back at the ally which is located in the back of the lot; this being done to prevent equipment getting caught in a buried line during the excavation phase.

disconneting electricAlso, the electricity’s main service line had to be removed at the main transformer pole which was at the corner of the lot!   Next, the water line had to be turned off at the meter.   Finally, we met with everyone to set a date to get the gas line cut off at the ally.

mother nature

Mother Nature puts her two cents in!

The day Ameren was to arrive, Mother Nature stepped in with rain, sleet, snow and freezing cold temperatures!  So we had to wait and reschedule again!   We needed a surveyor also, so at this time we shopped around for estimates and accepted Mr. Zillman’s bid for surveying the lot and marking the lot’s boundaries.


Surveyor for marking corners of lot.

Mr. Zillman could not survey the lot until the house was gone and the big equipment was gone too.  This other work had to be done first, to prevent his boundary markers from being damaged or moved.  After Mr. Zillman was hired we felt better about the placement of the new home…Until Ameren came back the next day and completed cutting off the gas line. At this time we were informed there would be an initial cost of $750 to re-hook up the gas line…PLUS… a fee of $6.50 per foot to re-run the new lines… our lot is 132 ft. long! O joy… more COST… Less money… But you know what… METLIFE is still here helping us!

Now you can see how important it is to have the right insurance policies and COMPANY… We thank God for METLIFE and their Adjuster, Kevin Kemper!

Next Blog….the dumpster arrive and work begins

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