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Help My House is on Fire Cont. -Next Phase Tree Trimmers & Surveyor

Finding a Tree Trimmer

Fires can cause hidden damages which show up after a certain period of time has passed.  Damages of this type can be costly to repair or to correct.  We had such damage and it wasn’t discovered until a tree trimming company (Mike Miller’s Tree Service) came to our fire site to give us an estimate for having a few trees trimmed and three removed.   As Mr. Miller walked about the site, he noticed the trees next to the fire had branches drooping and were rubbing on our home’s roof!   These had to be trimmed or we could have roof damage!   We had known that three trees were fire damaged and would have to be removed, but we did not see the tree limbs hitting our own home’s roof.   We are thankful for having Mr. Miller come to the site before giving us an estimate for removing the trees.   Because… if he hadn’t seen those limbs and we had the new house put in, I don’t see how those limb could have been trimmed.   Our home’s roof would have been damage in the first real storm!   Once again we were shown that hiring professional people is the best road to go.  

getting ready to trim trees

Getting ready to trim trees

When Miller’s Tree Service equipment started arriving, we started getting excited! We were now another step closer to the arrival of the new modular.  

cherry picker getting set up

Cherry picker getting set up

This three men crew was AWESOME… they did not stand around waiting for this or that… each person knew what needed done and it got done…Awesome!!!

We found ourselves mesmerized by the way Mr. Miller’s crew went about doing their work. First, they would set up their bucket truck at area to be worked. Next, using the truck’s big stabilizing foot pads… located on each side of the truck… they would extend these feet for stability.

men going up in bucket

Men going up in bucket

Finely, two men would crawl into the bucket and off they would go…up…up…up into the air, stopping right next to the tree limbs they were wanting to trim!

trimming smaller branches first

Trimming smaller branches first.

Beginning with the smaller limbs, they would trim a pathway to the larger limbs. Each time a limb was cut by the saw man, the other man would carefully remove it and put it into the waiting flat bed truck below. This process was repeated over and over until all that remained was just a trunk was easily handled by the ground crew.

trimming higher brances

Mike made trimming the higher branches look easy.

On the very tall trees, they would extend the boom and maneuver the bucket between the branches, carefully cutting only the limbs needing to be cut.


bucket going between branches

Going between the tree limbs to get to branches over roof.

My husband and I spent the whole day watching them.  FANTASIC is all I can say. 

cutting braches up high

Cutting the branches up high.

They even cleaned up and hauled away any trees limbs not wanted.  If you need trees trimmed or cut down…we recommend Mike Miller’s Trees Service HIGHLY! We had a tree trimmed in our back yard since branches over lapped into neighbors yard.

bucket over fence trimming branches

Trimming branches on tree in back yard going over a fence.

We thought you might enjoy seeing some real pros in action, so we took pictures as Mr. Miller and his crew worked… hope you enjoy each picture! 

We were not the only ones watching….our two dogs and our daughter’s two dogs (from the fire) watched the men also.  What entertainment!!!  You might be wondering why the rope and wire between the pole and fence??  The hound dog (grandson’s dog) is a Houdini. He can find a way out every time.  So, we had to dog proof our back yard to keep him in.  We have chicken wire in any area that we think he might try to get out!!!

dogs watching men trim tree

Even the dogs enjoyed watching the men trim trees

Search for the Surveyor

Next, we had to find a licensed surveyor.   Before the foundation, the footing and digging started, we needed to have the lot surveyed, plotted and boundaries marked!   We called several surveyors, and checked with friends in the community for recommendations for a surveyor.  Boy, if you have never had you property surveyed lately….you will be in for a shock.   This turned out to be a higher expense than the tree trimmers.  Based on our research, we chose a surveyor from our area and contacted him for the job.  But due to Mother Nature doing her thing again…we had to wait.  Once the weather started cooperating, we called Mr. Zillman, the surveyor, and in a few days he came.  He was very professional and polite.  He went right to work, finding the actual corner pins for our lot. 

lot market and red flag

Lot marker and red flag

These corner pins had to be marked before any work could be started.  For several hours Mr. Zillman worked carefully, discovering each corner pin then uncovered each one. Then he set up his laser measuring device.  Mr.Zillman then proceed to walk from one corner pin to the other until all four corners had been measured… marking off the lot! 

lot pin with flad and line for property

Lot pin with red flag and lines set up for property identification.

After completing the job, he told us, he would be back with a written description and diagram of the lot.  Within a few days, Mr. Zillman came to our house with two copies of our Plat and Certificate of Survey for the lot he had surveyed.

With the trees now being trimmed and three trees removed, and lot surveyed, we were ready to request our permit to build.  Thanks for reading…. John and Carrol

Next Blog… Getting the permit and putting final plans on the modular.


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