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Help our House is on Fire – Getting the Permit and Final Modular Plans

Permit and Making the Final Plans on our Modular.

How exciting to be another step closer towards getting a new rental home. It seems like only yesterday our rental property had caught on fire and was a total lost. Since then, we have had the old burnt house excavated, trees trimmed, and the lot surveyed and plotted.  Now we can put the bad memories behind us and can look toward the future… a new rental house… a modular home from Riley’s Homes in Urbana, Illinois.


The Building Permit Process

While contacting several people in regards to the zoning rules, one of the zoning committee members,  Mrs. Riggle, not only brought me a copy of the zoning rules, but she also brought me the form which had to be completed for the committee. 


city permit form to build

Form for City Permit to Build

We made a copy of the zoning rules because the booklet had to be returned to the committee.    We also met with Chuck Pierman (project manager for the modular site) and asked him for a drawing showing the modular’s placement on the lot.   Also, the committee needed to know who would be the electrician doing the modular’s electrical hook up.


lot lay out

Lot lay out

Chuck made the drawing which showed the lot was 66’ by 132’ and he included how the modular would set on the lot including drawings of the porches. The form for the zoning committee was completed along with the following information: request date; who the permit would be granted to; permit location according to… Block and lot number…Street and House number: Purpose of the permit;  Total value of construction;  name of Contractors and finally if we were going to have air conditioners.  Towards the bottom of the permit was an area for each of the board members to sign.  Then, we made a packet which included: the completed building permit form, the drawing of the lot and how the modular would be placed on it also included… a copy of the floor plan of the actual modular with the sizes of each room. This packet was given to Mrs. Riggle. In just a few days, there was a knock on our door. There with our permit was Mrs. Riggle.  The committee had met and approved the permit.  We are now set!  How exciting to be another step closer towards getting a new rental home.   It seems like only yesterday our rental property had caught on fire and was a total lost.   Since then, we have had the old burnt house excavated, trees trimmed, and the lot surveyed and plotted.   Now we can put the bad memories behind us and can look toward the future… a new rental house… a modular home from Riley’s in Urbana, Illinois.

Final Plans on the Modular

As the different phases on the site were being completed i.e. excavation, tree trimmings and surveying, we were making several trips to Riley’s Homes in Urbana, in order to lay out the plans as to the placement of the modular on the lot.  We also wanted to know the different options available for the modular.  Our first big decision was the lay out of the modular.  As you can see…the modular we wanted was 60’ long and our lot was only 66’ foot wide.  In the zoning rules, there had to be 10’ from each side from the house to the property line.  We only had 3’ on each side to give, so we knew this would not work.  We looked at other modular homes which were only 56’ wide, but we could not find any designed the way we needed and design we wanted. Next, we considered taking the modular plans we liked and have the front made in such a way as to make it smaller in front.  But, could not…so our decision was to put the modular long ways on the lot.


original modular floor plan

Original modular floor plan

However, the particular plan we liked had a utility/mud room at one end… THE WRONG END!   So, we decided to flip the floor plans from one end to the other end!   This would allow the utility room to set on the south end of the modular and would become the entrance way into the house.

example of porch

Example of porch to be added

And to help make this END look more like a front entrance way… we worked with Toby, our salesman, to make a small front porch with side pillars holding up a small peaked roof extension.  This sharp looking front porch add-on will provide some protection against the elements as people enter the house!

new modular plan with changes

New Plans for Modular with changes

We also looked at a new front door for the utility room’s door to help complete our new front end look! Toby, also suggested, we flip the modular side to side.  Instead of kitchen, dining room, and utility room being on the east side, they would be on the west side.  This way, the utility room’s outside door would be closer to our home next door and all the bedrooms would be on the east side.  We looked at the end of the modular again, to see what else we could do to make it look more like an entrance way and the front of a house rather than just the end of a house. To help accomplish this, we had the window of the bedroom #3  moved from the east side to the north side thus putting the window toward the street side! Also, we requested that the transferred regular window be replaced with a bay window with shutters!  NOW the …hang on… here it goes…the turned around, flipped flopped modular’s end actually does look like a normal front of the house!  Thanks to Toby’s real concern for us and our unusual space problem, he made a seemingly impossible problem possible!  We feel  only at Riley’s Mfg. Homes could this problem have been solved!!

Also, we needed a side covered porch of approximately 8’ x 18’.   This size porch was needed for two reasons the first being this… on the old burnt out house’s front porch…we were able to save all those 14 jalousie windows as described in our earlier blog.   We were now going to work on using these 14 windows on an enclosed west porch to be put on the  side of the modular starting with the modular’s original front door and going north along the east side of the modular to the North end.  This covered porch would be approximate 8’ x 18’.  You ask might ask why this size porch?   Well…  Since the modular had to set long ways on the property and we were going to use the utility room as the new front entrance way, this door size could create problems when bringing in larger appliances  and larger items i. e. furniture pieces.  Even if the furniture would fit through the outside door, the door leading from the utility room into the hallway might be too small.   So… We would still need to utilize the original door way Mfg. front door which is now on the East side of the modular home.   To be sure we had enough room to swing appliances and larger items into the house, we needed to make the porch at least 8’ wide.  The porch would run along the east side of the modular and open towards the North…the back of the property.  Also, this would allow the door to face the back of the property in the event a garage would be built at a later date.

We had also discussed having a small storage shed built or bought for tools, mower, etc.  We need this shed because… In the old burnt up house everything was stored either on the large front porch or the large back porch!   We also considered what renters would do in the event of a tornado.  We heard about other modular home owners having a crawl space with a door which allowed them to go under the modular house in the event of a tornado.  Looking at this as a possible secure spot in the event of a tornado warning, we requested the crawl space door to be put close to the back door of the porch on the north end of the modular.

Finally, we chose the color of the modular’s shutters, rain drainage system, roofing, and trim works. The biggest positive piece of advice we have to offer is this… by buying from Riley’s Mfg. Homes in Urbana, Illinois, we were able to go inside and view the different demo modulars they had setting on the lot. We were actually able to view the many offered options as they would appear in our new home… rather than having to look at options in a catalog while trying to make decisions we would have to live with for years to come!  Believe me when I say… If you are looking to get a new home… a visit to Riley’s Mfg. Homes in Urbana, Illinois is your best bet… You will save BIG BUCKS!!!

Wow, this was exhausting work but exciting…and this was just the main floor plan, this does not including the rooms, cabinets, flooring, etc.  That will have to be another blog.  For now thanks for reading. If you have any questions in regards to our blog, feel free to contact us or respond to this blog. 

Next Blog:  The Foundation is Started

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