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Help our House is on Fire – Day one of the Foundation

Help our House is on Fire – Day one preparation of Foundation for Modular


On Monday, we heard noises coming from the lot next door.  A truck carrying an in loader on a flat bed arrived and was backing into the lot. 

equipment for foundation

Equipment arriving for the Foundation

Two other trucks with men and a third truck pulling a flat bed followed.  The men told us, they were trying to work on a project in Southern Illinois but got stuck from all the rain they were having.  So, since we were next, it was decided to stop that job and come up to ours instead.  We were excited but at the same time, we were scheduled to have rain the next several days starting on Wednesday.  Would that affect us also?

We did not see the men on Tuesday raising my concern we would get rained out also. 

chuck giving instruction

Chuck here giving instructions.

On Wednesday heard noises coming from the lot and saw Chuck Pierman, the project manager pointing in different directions as if giving instructions.  I talk to one of the men about the rain and he told me they had checked the radar and appeared that they would have time to get work done before it started to rain. Weather report was 10% chance of rain by 3:00 PM 20% by 4:00 PM and 50% by 5:00 PM.

lines are complete to begin

Lines are complete to begin

Within seconds, the men were running strings from the pins and were marking the spot for the foundation walls and even where the porches were going.  Two different colors of markings were used to differentiate the walls from the porches.  String was going in different directions, but to the men it guided the men as to what they were to do next.

first bucket of dirt

First bucket of dirt

After the markings and strings were completed, the tractor/in loader was taken off the flat bed of the truck.  Like magic, the driver started removing dirt going along the line that had been drawn.  A second man was holding a special tool (don’t know the name) and would following in the trench that was being dug.  With this tool, the man would direct the driver in the in loaded as to the depth that was needed.

the inloader digging

The work begins

Little more dirt would be removed and then the 2nd man would check the depth and give hand signals to the diver as it was fine or needed to be a little deeper.  Foot by foot the two men worked together as they dug following the lines and rechecking the depth each time. 

in loader digging trenches

Front foundation done in what seemed just few minutes

Meanwhile the other men were getting their equipment together and another left with one of the trucks.  When we came back he had a load of pea gravel. 

Inloader finishing center of foundation

In loaded finished digging trench down center

The in loaded then starting digging a trench down the center of what was going to be the foundation…  like cutting the foundation in half.  Again the 2nd man would double check the dept and so they continued.  As the area was being cut in half, pea gravel would be placed on top of the two sections that remained between the trenches.  As the gravel was dumped on the ground section, the men would use tools to smooth the rock out.  This continued for most of the morning.  In loaded digging the ditch and the men putting gravel on the ground in the center  sections and smoothing the gravel. 

center trench finished

Center trench finished

By one o’clock that afternoon, that phase of the work was completed.  Then we heard the sounds of a cement mixer coming down the road.  Yup!  It’s coming here. 

cement truck arrives

Cement Mixer Truck Arrives

The truck back in as close as he could and the men attached shuts to swing over the trenches.  Foot by foot the concrete was poured into the trenches while the men would come behind smoothing the cement.  

men smoothing cement

Men smoothing cement

When the front was almost complete, a second truck came and backed into the back of the foundation. 

guilding cement as it pours

Guiding the cement as it pours

After getting it set up, half of the men worked smoothing the cement with the second truck and the first group worked with the first truck. 

cement truck in back

Cement truck in back with more cement

Boy, if you ever wanted to see team work in action, this group of men demonstrated teamwork. 

last of concrete fill

Front concrete almost finished

All was completed around 3 – 4 PM.  Wow!  When there had been some down time, one of the men had gone and gotten several blocks on his flat trailer. 

placing blacks inside foundation

Getting ready for tomorrow with a few blocks

So between 4-5 PM these blocks were placed on top of the gravel in the center of the foundation to get ready to tomorrow.  The last man left about 5:30.  It was not but 15 min and the rain came and poured for about an hour and then quit.  For questions, please email us.

This was just day one…will we be rained out tomorrow?


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