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Help my house is on Fire Continued – Start of 2nd day of work on foundation

Start of second day of work on the foundation

Second day for the foundation and another day of threats of rain.  Will the men be able to have good start before the rains come in?  Bright and early, we heard the noises of the men coming to work.

men laying blocks to foundation

Men starting in each corner to lay the blocks

There was a team on each corner of the foundation starting laying the blocks that had been placed in the day before.   It was neat watching the men starting each corner and carefully laying the blocks working away from the corners like stepping stones.  Eventually, the blocks from the corner were placed in a way to reach at the middle of each side in a coordinated fashion.

truck with loads of blocks

Truck carrying blocks arrive


A truck with a long bed arrived carrying several pallets of blocks.  My thoughts were the men would set up a chain and would start moving the blocks off the trucks by passing the blocks from man to man.  But, no!  My husband called me to watch.

blcoks being lifted off truck

Boom with harness carries blocks on pallet off truck

A boom was raised with that appeared to be a harness with long arms.  My first thought was…what in the world is that thing?  There was a place on the trailer next to the cab that had a small area that appeared to be a control center.   Next things I saw was the man moving levels and the boom arm with the harness started going up in the air.  He maneuvered the harness so that the two arms swung around facing the pallet of blocks.  He guided the two arms into the middle sections of the pallet and then started lifting the stack of blocks on the pallet.  There had to be over several hundred pounds of blocks.

blocks being carried to foundation

Blocks being carried to foundation

Carefully, the man guided the arm to lift the pallet of blocks off the trucks and swung the blocks carefully over the foundation and then started lowering them in the center at one end for the men.  The men carefully pulled out the arms on the harness and waved for the control man to raise the harness out of the foundation area.

blocks placed on ground

Blocks placed on ground for men to remove off pallet

The control man then maneuvered the arms on the harness into another pallet of blocks and again the boom was raised and swung into another area for the men.  This went on several times until all the blocks were delivered.  In years past, what would have taken several hours of physical work was achieved in a short time with just controlling a harness with arms.

As the day went on, the men continued to lay the blocks around the edging of the foundation, and around the area for the two porches.

pillars being formed in center

Pillars being formed down the middle of foundation

Then pillars were formed in precised areas down the center of the foundation in preparation for the two halves of the modular.  So far we only had a slight sprinkle at one time, but not enough to even get wet.  Mother Nature is trying to help us.  Dark clouds would pass over head but kept going without the rain.  Finally, the blocks were all in position and then men were ready to leave.  The foundation was complete.  The men were not gone more than 15 – 30 minutes when Mother Nature cut loose with rain for about an hour.

back fill around foundation

Back fill around foundation

On day three, the men came back, poured pea gravel into the areas of the porches; put a wooded frame on top of the blocks with some type of padding for the modular to rest upon.  When this was completed, the in loaded worked to push the dirt back up against the foundation and the final clean up.  This was all completed around 4-5 hours.  The foundation was completed and now we wait for the modular.

From Gifts and Collectibles Galore, we thank you for letting us share our experiences with  you.

Next Blog…Finally The Modular arrives!

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