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Help My House is on Fire – Where have all the men gone?

Help My House is on Fire cont. – Where have all the Men Gone?

Things seem to be slowing down now!  The modular has been placed on its foundations, however, there are still many things yet to be done, before our daughter and grandsons can move in.  The delays are due to Mother Nature… all these storms have resulted in: roofs being damaged, trees have fallen on homes, rains have stopped concrete pouring and the wetness has stopped almost all digging jobs!  Because of Mother Nature, our porches can’t be poured and this has caused us to put a hold on putting in the septic system!  I am calling this building phase… Our hurry-up and wait phase! 

ameren hooking up electricity

Ameren here to hook up electricity

The electrician came and hooked up the electricity inside the modular and he also set up the frame-work for our outside meter.  The next day, Ameren came to install the meter and hook up the pole lines to our meter… AND BEHOLD WE GOT LIGHTS!  

meter for electricity

Meter for Electricity


Early the next day, our excavator… Chad Kistler…and  plumber from Liggetts, Plumbing,  came to work on installing the water line and to hook up all the plumbing for the modular.  This work took several days to complete due to re-locating the water line which previously had been a straight shot from the water meter to the back of the old house.  However, due to the new building codes the water line cannot be within 25 feet of the septic system.   This meant… to meet code, the water line had to be re-located from the meter by the alley… to the west side of the modular…because the new septic tank  was going to be located on the east side of the modular!  With in 3-4 days, the water was all hooked up!  We now had water and electricity installed in the modular… BUT NO SEPTIC SYSTEM OR PORCHES… all we had was just the porch block foundations!  So, now we wait on the crew to… pour the porches, so the septic system can be installed… and then work inside the modular… because it has to be finished too.

Almost a full week had gone by, (it seemed a lot longer), when several men showed up and started working on the inside of the modular. They were laying carpeting, hanging lights, plastering the walls and painting the walls. It took them over three days to complete all the inside work!  We could hear the hammering, the whine of the saws and every once in a while we caught a grimace of the painter cleaning his brushes!  We stood at our window… watching the men come a go in and then come out… we could only stand and stare… wondering what our modular would be like!  Remember, we are not allowed in the house until the keys are turned over to us!  So… we are like children watching their Christmas presents being wrapped, and not being able to open them until Christmas!!  If we are invited in, we can go in, but we were asked not to get in the way of the workers… this is due to them being on a tight work schedule.  Finally, the inside work was completed… all the workers left to go to their next work site.   Again, several days went by without anyone showing up to work on our modular… and all we can do is hurry up and wait!  adding boards for concrte

Finally, the day came when three men showed up to work on the concrete forms. After a few hours, a truck came with the cement.


starting cement for east porch Once again, the team worked as if only person was doing the work!  As the concrete truck moved slowly forward pouring the concrete into the formed area, the men worked the concrete. They had to be sure no air pockets were formed while the concrete raced down the pouring trough, so two men used their trawls to shake the air out of the pouring.    almost finished with cementAs these men kept up with truck and moved from one  pour spot to another pour spot, two more men began to smooth out the concrete.  Finally, after what seemed to be a long time and very hard work, the team completed the work…AND WE NOW HAD OUR TWO PORCHES!!   

Cement work completed on East Porch

What we need now is to have the carpentry work done on the newly poured porches and some steps made, but, we were told we had to wait on the steps being built… to get into the modular now would mean we would have to use a pole vaulting pole combined with a long run… at our ages that ain’t gonna happen!  Now that the concrete had been poured, we got the o.k. to put in the septic tank. So once again we get to do our most favorite thing… WAIT.  I am beginning to feel like Tom Hanks and Shelly Long who stared in the movie, The Money Pit!!!

So concludes this blog as we now must wait for the cement to set.  Thank you for joining Gifts and Collectible Galore in our long journey from the day of our daughter’s home to the day when they will finally move in.  Hopefully, that day is growing closer.


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