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Help My House is on Fire cont: Getting Closer

Getting Closer to a Possible Move-In Date

Since we were given the o.k. to put in the septic tank, we called our excavator specialist, Chad Kistler, and set up our “dig” date.  So, Chad came back and started digging the septic tank. Now, please notice we said…STARTED!  Chad started and who do you think also started?  Yep, good old Mother Nature… It would pour down rain… just enough to affect outside work.  This weather went on for 7 days and for 4 of the seven days it poured hard in the morning, but not all day!  Finally Chad came back and started digging the hole for the septic tank.

hole for septic tank

Believe it or not, it was only wet and muddy down to about the 3-6 inches level of the soil, then BONE DRY!  Because of this fact, Chad was able to complete the digging work in short order.  So, the tank was brought in on a large truck and was placed in the hole, but Chad could not install the connections or back fill until the next day.  POOR Chad… He had to call us and explain that an emergency job had came up which needed his immediate attention, but he would work us in.  True to his word, Chad, came and started hooking up the connecting pieces to the septic tank!  NOW once again, please notice that we said started… Guess what?   Yep, Mother Nature decided she wanted to have a rain party.  She invited Mr. Wind and Miss Lightening who brought along her friend, Mr. Thunder!   The rain party started off with just a little sprinkle at first, then a real down pour with flashing lightening and loud thunder.  Poor Chad was getting drenched, but he stayed with it until he had completed the hook up work.  He would have to come back the next day to cover everything up and to grade the area so it would be level again. His job was done.  Once again we wait!

It seemed like an eternity, (actually it was just a week), until men came to take the wooden frames off of the poured porches.  I went out to talk with them and learned they were told to just remove the frame boards, then, they were to go to another job.  So, once again another wait… another week… more rains… I’m beginning to understand what Noah must have felt like in the Ark!  But Noah was on a vast sea of water… but we are on a vast sea of mud… our yard!   I am not going to release a dove because I’m afraid it will land in the our sea of mud and be sucked under!

windows on old porch

Today, Ray…who is in charge of the porches and any work to be done relating to those porches, came to see what the salvaged windows that we wanted installed on the porch facing the East looked like.  Also, he wanted to measure them.  Remember… we had taken these windows off of the old house’s front porch. These windows were spared from damage due to the fact … as the old house was burning, the wind was blowing from the South to the North and these windows were on the South end of the front porch, so they were not damaged at all!  We were able to remove them and save them for the new house. So, Ray re-measured them and waded through the mud to take measurements of the East side porch.  From these measurements the final plans for the in closed porch was developed.  These final plans included not only the size of the porch, but it also showed where to set the windows and door. Before we go any farther, we need to go back to February when we went to Riley’s Mfg. Homes and met with our sales person, Toby.  During our meeting, Toby made a comment like this… No matter how well you plan… there will always be a snag or two… but don’t worry we can work it out!  He was correct!  Remember how we described the need to “flip” the house… so it would be built to and meet today’s codes.  WELL… sadly not everyone was “flip” savvy.  The foundation crew was like mushrooms… always working in the dark!  Somehow, nobody told the crew about the flip, so they laid the foundations according to the standard lay out plans.  And as a result, the crawl space entrance way was placed right under the sliding glass patio doors!  I caught this after everyone had left for another job site nearby. crawl space door wrong side

Since we were going to Urbana anyway, we just dropped by and explained to Toby about the crawl space entrance way needed to be moved to the back end of the house before the modular house was delivered.  John also explained that the opening was too small.

Toby told us this mistake would be taken care of.  So we left for home which is approximately 40 miles from Urbana… as we pulled up in front of our house, we were shocked to see the crew had already blocked up the old crawl way entrance and were working on the back foundation wall… removing blocks and making the entrance way much larger!  Talk about fast results… Thank you Toby… and thank you guys for working so hard to correct this problem as fast as all of you did!  Now remember that Toby said… “there will always be a snag OR TWO”!  Well, when the plumber showed up and started to go to work, my husband noticed an error caused by flipping the modular.  When we flipped the modular, we did not notice that the outside water faucet got flipped to the front of the modular and not at the back where it was needed.

water faucet in front instead of back

I was so thankful John caught this error while the plumber was still here!  It was decided to leave the faucet in front and to install another one at the back of the modular!  Now you may ask yourself… why bring all this up at this time?  I am doing this to show everyone why it is SO IMPORTANT to do the following:

#1. Buy your home from an established, reputable and trustworthy dealer like Riley’s Mfg. Homes in Urbana, Ill.

#2. Be sure you develop a good rapport between your sales person and every one involved with the planning stages first, then be sure to extend this good will to everyone involved in the building stage!  Here is an example showing how this advice is so important.  When Ray (who is in charge of everything ),  came on site he noticed the outside electric plug was not going to be inside the in closed porch where it was supposed to be, instead it was going to be out side and very close to the porch’s wall.  Ray also discovered that the inside light was too close to the door wall to be of any use on lighting the porch and the soon to be stairs!  So Ray is making arrangements to correct these problems!  This is why it is so important to develop a good rapport with everyone involved with building and planning you new home!!  Ray also told us that he and the guys will be back next week to start the final work on the modular and the porches. Ray plans on it taking 3-4 days to complete the work!

We from Gifts and Collectibles Galore,  want to thank everyone for being with us as we took our trip down Memory Lane! From the catastrophic fire thru building and … Hopefully nearing the MOVE IN time… your support and prayers have meant more than mere words can express… Again, thank you!!

Next Blog:  We have Porches!

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