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Help my House is on Fire Cont: The Move in with a New Surprise

Help my House is on Fire Cont:  The Last Chapter- The Move in with a New Surprise

We are finely nearing the end of our long journey… well maybe. The final walk though inspection was completed… some minor problems were found and a list was made as to what needed to be done. Our daughter had just arrived from work and had just come into the modular as we were going though the last room…As we were talking about the items on the list, Chuck reached into his pocket and handed C.J.  (this is what we call our daughter… Carole Jane) the KEYS and spoke those BEAUTIFUL, PRECIOUS, WORDS… YOU MAY NOW MOVE IN!  Chuck explained the work that needed to be done was insignificant and would not hamper the move in.  So… it was decided to get going as fast as possible and start the move it! C.J. started calling her friends to make arrangements and to get help lined up for the move-in.  While she was doing her thing, my husband and I started to go to Danville to do some shopping.  See… The modular didn’t  have light bulbs… so my husband and I started to Danville which is a 45 min. drive to buy about 20+ light bulbs while our daughter continued her calling for helpers.  During the last 2-3 months C.J. had… been given furniture by various people; had Sidell’s Fun Committee hold a benefit for her allowing her to shop around for replacement items and go to backyard sales and auctions.  This resulted in us having to rent medium size storage space from the Sidell Storage Buildings so C.J. could store the items she had gotten.  Also, she had many items tucked every where in MOM & DAD’S home!  Now all she had to do was get people to help her get everything  into the NEW HOME!

front of new home

Front of New Home

While C.J. was doing her thing, my husband and I were on our way to get those bulbs and to get C.J. a welcoming present of house hold cleaning supplies… just like we got when we got married some many years Ago! First, we stopped and got the basics: a broom and dust pan, a toilet bowl brush, some furniture polish, dish soap… you get the idea?

cleaning supplies

Cleaning Supplies

Next, we proceeded to Lowes for the light bulbs.

light bulbs

Light Bulbs

We had just finished loading our cart and were heading for the check-out counters, when my cell phone started singing. I picked it up and said a cheery” hell-o”. That’s when I was greeted by a panic call from my daughter!

private BR for tub and toilet

Private area in master BR for shower and toilet – Leak in wall of shower

She proceeded to explain that there was water running all over the bathroom’s floor and it was deep enough to run into the floor register!  She went on to tell us, she could hear water running inside the wall behind the shower!  HERE WE ARE IN DANVILLE… a 45 min. drive back to Sidell… it’s Friday night late this means no one will be at Riley’s… I do not have Chuck’s phone number with me… Needless to say we QUICKLY CHECKED OUT and started for Sidell!

As we pulled into Sidell, we saw our Chief of police, Mr. Huff, in his car.

police car

Mr. Huff Chief of Police

We flagged him down and told him about our problem. He said he would get hold of our city water man, Mr. Brown, and get the water shut off. This is why we moved to a small town… people help each other… we are truly blessed!  We felt bad for our daughter…but.. here she is moving into her new home and no water for the whole week end!!

person on cell phone

Chuck is at home!

So when I got home, I found Chuck’s cell phone number and called right away… I know it was a long shot, but I had to try any way… AND GUESS WHAT… Chuck answered!!!! I explained our water problem to him… as I was explaining, in walks our Mr. Brown ready to shut the water off. I told Chuck about Mr. Brown’s arrival ready to shut off the water at the meter and Chuck said we had a shut off valve in our crawl space… I was amazed at this point and that’s when my woman’s instincts kicked in and I did what any red blooded woman would do… I turned the phone over to Mr. Brown, so Chuck and Mr. Brown could talk and shut the water to the shower off… leaving the rest of the water on!  To my surprise Chuck said he would come over this weekend and fix the leak! What service…both from our town of Sidell and from Riley’s Manufactured homes!

fixing leaking pipe

Fixing leaking pipe

The rest of the weekend was hard, exhausting work… still it was fun realizing our daughter was finally getting into her own home!

trailer loaded down

Trailer loaded down

more items on top of car

More items on top of car

For us it meant … No more having: to pull out our sofa bed every night; to share 1 bathroom with 5 people; to have 4 dogs and limited space. Now do not get me wrong, I would do it all over in a heartbeat! Now, our daughter has three bedrooms and two baths with large closets. She has a walk in pantry, a breakfast bar/ island and more cabinet-storage space than ever before… THIS IS HER DREAM COME TRUE HOME!

dining area with patio door

Dinning Area with door to patio

kitchen with island

Kitchen with island in center

walk in pantry in kitchen

Walk in Pantry in Kitchen

master bathroom with soaker tub

Master bathroom with soaker tub

Utility room, Mud Room

Utility room, mud room

master bedroom

Master bedroom

large walk-in closet

Large walk-in Closet

To Date, our journey has been a long and very emotional one… at times a test of our resolve and spirit, yet through it all, His guidance has led us through the valley of shadows…His hands have held us when we thought we could not go on another minute… and above all else… He has opened doors for us… Truly we are blessed and our resolve and spirit are stronger now than ever before! God’s promise has been at work many times on our journey… “Behold, I am with you always” and friends… He has!!

We once again want to thank our Met life insurance adjuster,……and Met life for walking us through this replacement process… from the very night of the fire in February, to even now, they have been working with us to be sure all has been done before closing our case.  Another thank-you must go to Riley’s Mfg. Homes and all of their people who have worked so hard under BRUTAL conditions… both from us and from Mother Nature… to get the “rebuild” done. It seemed like a long…long…long time, but it has only been 5 months and 1 week, from the fire to the move -in time in July! The crews did a fantastic job from laying the foundations, placing the modular home, and to finishing the interior… a few small jobs still remains to be done.

If you ever have need of insurance… we strongly recommend MET LIFE!!!!!!! And if you ever…God Forbid… need to have a new home built and don’t know which direction to go…GO TO RILEY’S Manufactured Homes in URBANA, Il. They have many different models right there on their lot… you can walk through these models and get an idea of what you want. Then you can talk to them about your special needs and wants… we did… and look what we had to do and got done!!! .  Our salesman was TOBY who worked with us to redesign our modular home to fit on our lot and look good. Chuck, their project manager was on top of any issues we had or any questions we asked… CHECK THEM OUT AND YOU WILL SEE RILEY’S IS THE BEST!!!

To all: of Sidell,… of those people who helped… who donated… who prayed for us, WE THANK YOU AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

This is the end of a long journey and will start a new one with our Gifts & Collectible Galore stores.  Hope to see you in our new journey.

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