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August – What do we know about the month of August?

month of august

August – What do we know about the month of August?  I was thinking about how fast summer came on and now is about over. Then I thought about all the months which have holidays both big and small; i.e. January- New year’s day and Martin Luther King Day; February – Valentine’s Day, President’s Day; March – Saint Patrick’s Day, sometimes Easter; April – Easter; May – Memorial Day; June – Beginning of summer vacations, also the month for weddings; July – Independence day, Christmas in July; August ??; September; Labor Day; October – Columbus Day, Halloween; November – Thanksgiving; December – Christmas. But what dose August offer as far as holidays?

So I started doing a net-search to find out what holidays are in August! Basically, it’s a month for getting ready for school… for buying school supplies and for paying real estate taxes (if you are in a state which requires them). My research discovered articles by Pam Gaulin, by Tonya Mickelson and by Lisa Mason. These articles listed some little known August holidays that you will find listed below!

happy lammas day

August 1st – has Girlfriends Day and Lammas Day. If you haven’t heard of Lammas Day…it’s the day of Thanksgiving in Britain. Farmers were very superstitious and would let their first corn bread go stale… then they would crumble it over the corners of their barns! This ritual was performed in hopes of bringing them good luck!

ice cream cone

National Ice Cream Day

August 2nd – National Mustard Day and National Ice Cream Day – Make your favorite dishes using mustard and celebrate the holiday with a cookout. Don’t forget your favorite ice cream and mustard too!


united states coast guard

 August 4th – 1790 the Coast Guard was established to aid and protect our water ways. Today, they are also responsible for the safety on our water ways… they average rescuing 12 people  daily! U.S.C.G. is always prepared and ready to serve… Hence their motto Semper Paratus, “always ready”.


psychic week

August 4 – 8 is Psychic Week – If you are into this type of entertainment, you might want your psychic to look into your future and advise you on luck, on health, or on fortune. If a psychic tells you… look both ways when crossing the street… or don’t eat or drink after sick people… or tells you to invest in gold and keep your gold buried under your big- viscous-pit-bulldog’s dog house…then this is a wise psychic!


national yard sale day                                                                                                                       National Yard Sale Day

August 9th National Garage Sale Day – Hey…this one is for me! I love going around to garage sales just to see if I can find anything that I really don’t need or want.

happy lazy day

August 10th Lazy Day – yes, there is a day we can celebrate being lazy! I’m not sure if your boss will enjoy seeing you celebrating it while at work!!

kool aid day

August 12th – Kool-Aid Day– Grab your picnic baskets… load up some goodies… stir up some Kool-Aid and have fun with the family!


middle child

The middle child

August 13th – Middle Child’s Day– Here is a chance to spend quality time with your middle child! If you don’t know the old adage, I’ll explain it now…The first child is pampered and protected…the second child is left alone and explores the world on its own… the last child is cherished and held close to a mother’s heart, for she knows there will be no other!


 nantional thrift day

August 17th National Thrift shop Day– If you prefer not to shop on this day then , use this holiday as a time to… clean out your closets… clean off shelves and go thru drawers! Then donate your old items to your thrift shop. It’s a win, win, situation. Besides, you will have more space to fill up with new finds!


poets dayAugust 21st – Poet’s Day– Husband, you can use this day to say something romantic to your wife. Wife, you can use this day to remind your husband you are still here and some need some kind words to keep you!


homless help dog

August 21st – National Homeless Animal Day – You might like to go an animal shelter and check out the animals or donate money to your favorite animal organization.


kissing day

August 25th – National Kiss and Make Up Day… I love this day because it gives you an excuse to kiss your love ones… AND… you don’t have to have a reason to do so… but it does show them that you love them.


dog day with two dogs running

August 26st – National Dog Day– Have a party with your dog and enjoy the day together.


August may not have BIG holidays, but as you can see, it does have a few less famous holidays. AND…these are just a few that I found! Besides, there are other reasons to remember the month of August. There are many different types of Festival and cultural events occurring in this month;


flea market in Indiana

Flea Market in Indiana

Many times, the hottest days fall in August. It has also been said… if the first week in August is a hot one, the winter will be a cold and white one. Another August saying goes…count the fogs in the month of August and this will tell you how many snow falls you will have through the winter.


willy worm

Willy worm

And let’s not forget the WILLY WORMS adage…If black – cold hard winter; if brown – warm light winter.

Also, DON’T FORGET… August is just four months away from Christmas and the time will get busier as you get closer to Christmas. Since August is a slower month, take advantage and start your Christmas shopping early. If you prefer to shop on line to avoid large crowds, weather, or parking issues, be sure to join us on Gifts and Collectibles Galore. If you are shopping for your pets…join us at Doggie Dog Coats. We all wish you a happy August!!

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