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Do the younger generations collect glassware or it this only for the older generation?

Do the younger generations collect glassware?  Or is this only for the older generation?

sun question mark

Over the last several years, I have sold Depression glass, Indiana glass, Fenton glass, and many more types of glassware.

pink vintage indiana bowl

Vintage Pink Bowl

In addition…I too have been a collector of this vintage glassware and have a collection of depression dishes myself. My mother had jewel tea dishes which she used and I still have many of them today.

jewel tea bowls

In the last 5 – 8 years, have noticed a drastic drop in my glassware sales, both online and at the flea market and have asked myself: have the sales dropped off due to the economy and unable to afford them, or is the newer generation no longer interested in glassware of the past?

sales chart going down

Another seller of glassware has sold out her glassware and is selling other items also due to the drop in her sales for vintage glassware items.


Today’s generation seems to be in the fast lane, spending very little time at home unless they have children.   Some people seem to be working longer hours or working two jobs just to make ends meet. Has this had an impact on collecting vintage glassware? Are we so busy, we don’t take time to reminisce of the past?

burning candle at both ends

As my husband and I grow older, we wanted our estate to be in order so our children would not have to worry about what to do with our possessions, home, furniture, and other assets. So…we asked our sons and daughter, what antiques or things would they like when we are gone?

(I had head of a story that was unique. An older mother and father got all their children together and had given them each the same amount of play money. The mother and father auctioned off their possessions with their children paying for the items with their play money. Each item was written down as to which child the item was to go. The idea was when the couple died…each child would receives the items they won in the play auction.)

monopoly money imageNow you wonder why I told you this true story. My husband and I are also getting older and wondering if our children would want any of our many collectibles. To our surprise…each said no to go ahead and sell them for expensive we might need over the coming years.


They also said they just do not have room to start collecting glassware or other collectible item. Plus, my husband and I had talked about our need to start downsizing our home. The older we get the harder it is to maintain and our children are not close enough to help us. Some of my items belong to my mother and her mother so was very surprised when they did not want them especially her beautiful vase which is over 100 years old.

what are the young the younger generation no longer wanting collectibles of yesterday years today; are they just not interested in glassware; or is there a new type of collectible they are interested in today? Gifts and Collectibles Galore would like to hear your thoughts on this matter. Is the younger generation not interested in the glassware of yesterday? What are they collecting if any?

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