Eve’s Marketing Profile

My husband and I started selling at flea markets in our teens with my parents.  Over many years, we continue to sell at flea markets and are still selling at flea markets.  With the build up of merchandise, we decided to also start selling on the internet.  So, in 1999, we helped to develop and design our first website with a web master.  Our new webpage – Gifts & Collectibles Galore  was launched.   In 2000 we also opened an eBay store selling our unique Gifts and Collectibles and named it also: Gifts and Collectibles Galore.  Both the eBay store and our first web site Gifts and Collectibles Galore remain open today.

Since we are pet lovers, especially dogs, we decided to develop another online store featuring USA handmade dog coats, dog collars, and dog jewelry.  We thought by setting up a new site with new knowledge, we could also use this knowledge to increase sales on our old web site.  It was decided I would be responsible for the website and my husband would be in charge of the shipping department. So on May 2011, we launched Doggie Dog Coats.  With this new store, it was time for the business to have a focal point and so….Eve’s Marketing,LLC was established.

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